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The participants of the lifelong learning course focused on the circulation economy visited AdMaS

On 10 November 2017, the participants of the Lifelong Learning course focused on the so-called circular economy visited the AdMaS Center.

Course organizers, Faculty of Environmental Protection of ICT Prague and its partners, Institute of Circular Economics, z.ú., SUEZ Resource use, a.s. and the Czech Circulation Association has selected the AdMaS Center with regard to its current activities in the area concerned, but also to the technical and technological background of the Center.

Due to the focus of the participants on the field of waste management and the focus of the course, the AdMaS Center presented technologies for energy recovery from waste water, the use of biochoura by microwave depolymerization technology, possibilities of using gray water in the CR conditions or cleaning of organically polluted water by anaerobic membrane unit nutrients. The activities of individual research groups were also briefly presented, with an emphasis on the possibilities of comprehensive solution of problems in the field of construction and resource use.

Participants from the technology, consultancy, and university sectors acquire specific knowledge in the field of emerging circulatory discipline, which is supported by the European Commission and will influence the broad spectrum of activities in the coming years from product development and production, recycling technology, waste management, marketing, environmental protection to corporate social responsibility. The transition from the linear to the circulating economy will change the resource-intensive approaches and will have a major impact on the development of new technologies and employment across the EU.