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The AdMaS Centre seeks to actively participate in the European Research Area and enhance international research cooperation.

The AdMaS Centre closely cooperates with prominent European research universities (Bauhaus University Weimar, Technical University Vienna, Technical University of Denmark) and academic centres (BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, CSTB Scientific and Technical Centre for Building) as well as with similar centres in new EU member and candidate states (Croatia, Serbia).

The centre supports the reciprocal mobility of junior researchers and Ph.D. students involved in significant international and national projects, inter alia, within projects supporting the creation of excellent interdisciplinary research teams. The AdMaS Centre provides a useful platform for foreign academic students to broaden their knowledge and interconnect their research activities with entities applying the results of research.

The researchers at the AdMaS Centre intensively participate in developing and changing European standards. Cooperation is also proceeding with institutions and standards institutions with the aim of achieving high applicability of results, e.g. when drawing up European standards regulations (Eurocodes) for the design of structures from both traditional and modern materials.

Beside research activities the AdMaS Centre focuses significantly on enhancing the innovation potential of the private sector. The AdMaS Centre is building upon Brno University of Technology’s long-term cooperation with major construction companies (both in the Czech Republic and abroad), manufacturers of building materials, transport engineering firms, the energy industry, and companies operating in other fields.